The phrase ‘La Vie en Rose’ has become synonymous with the Parisian way of life and the essence of our art and design event. The combination between the soft color palette of millennial pink and the poetic motto ‘La vie en Rose’ Julia creates an idyllic dialogue.

Through the works of Rob Wynne and featured designers, Julia Van Hagen further permeates the interpretations of living ‘La Vie en Rose’. Pink is a hyper-cool tone that exudes a strength in femininity whilst keeping in touch with the softer, delicate elements of the rosy hue similar to the perfectly imperfect liquescent works by Rob Wynne.

Millenial Pink , selected by the keen eye of Julia Van Hagen, is prominent in many of the collections JVH Lab will be hosting at the cultural event.

For the JVH Lab event ‘La Vie en Rose’ Julia Van Hagen has created a capsule collections of printed t-shirts creating a parallel to Rob Wynne’s poetic mirrored glass art works.

The ‘La Vie en Rose’ capsule t-shirt collection each feature the prominent color in different Pantone shades of millennial-pink and unique phrases specifically selected for our La Vie en Rose event. These ‘La Vie en Rose’ t-shirts will be available at our event happening Paris this May 31-June 10th and on our online shop.